Ideas for ATM16

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Appropriate Tone For The Audience

Feedback from #ATM15:

I was frankly shocked witnessing the open and verbal hostility towards Cisco at this conference. I’ve been a longtime Cisco customer and I love how Aruba systems like AirWave and ClearPass can interoperate with Cisco gear as well as kit from other vendors. In the interest of full disclosure, I participate in the Cisco Champion program and I use many of their products. No vendor has ever sold me something by putting down their competitor. In fact, when I hear a vendor doing that, it turns me off to considering them at all. You’ve got great equipment, and great people. Some Aruba employees used to work for Cisco, and I talked to several Aruba folks that also didn’t like the hostile tone struck during this conference. When I heard Meg Whitman say “We’re going to beat Cisco” I saw that as totally inappropriate for this audience. It may be appropriate to say internally in a company, and maybe even to your partners. But definitely not to customers who still happily use “the enemy’s” products. You’re classier than that Aruba. Don’t give your competitor any of your airtime (pun intended). Just sell me on the merits of your stuff. I’m smart enough to see the benefits, and that’s why I use your gear.