Ideas for ATM16

Breakout Session Room Sizes

I felt cramped in a few of the rooms.  Some sessions were very popular and the room was to small to hold everyone.  Others had enough room but it was shoulder to shoulder.  I personally prefer when the chairs are not all locked together, I am the type that can not sit still and need more space.  Also I always like to have a table in front of me to lean on, hold a drink etc..


There were one or two sessions in ATM16 that I added to my schedule in advance but was unable to get in the door it was that packed.  I suggest someone scan badges and let the people that planned to attend the session get in first "guarenteed seat" and then let the others in as space is available.  Missing these sessions messed up my schedule and I feel I properly planned for it.  Also it will help people to pre-register so Aruba can plan the room sizes better.

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Some good points. Especially for those who plan a full schedule, not being able to get into a must see session can mess up the rest of the schedule.