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Mobile App

Feedback from #ATM15:

As with all great conferences, this one had a mobile app. Available on Android and iOS, it featured an interactive map using BLE beacons placed around the conference center to show accurate indoor location and turn-by-turn directions. The app also included “My Agenda” which is a must for those of us that sign up for classes and forget months later what we signed up for. :-)  The information included in the app was extremely useful, albeit somewhat disorganized. I recommend streamlining it to allow one-touch access to My Agenda and make the Full Agenda more mobile-friendly. Kudos on the successful integration of Meridian technology and being able to showcase that for us! It was fun to look around and find some of the beacons and where they were hiding, and it was great getting popups such as “Welcome To Atmosphere 2015” when I first entered the lobby of the hotel.

One idea for the app would be to permit opt-in location tracking to let other attendees find where we are. This would facilitate impromptu meetings, though it should be opt-in to prevent a potential privacy concerns (a.k.a. “creepiness factor”).

The app included the ability to fill out surveys for each session, which was very convenient! However, asking us to rate the session and speaker isn’t relevant for meals. Please make sure the survey questions are relevant for the type of session. If we check into a room for a session by either being scanned or by location tracking of our phone, a database can then tell if we’ve attended and only ask us to answer survey questions for the sessions we’ve attended. There’s no need to ask me to rate a session that I didn’t attend, and if I attended one that wasn’t on my schedule to begin with, I should be prompted to answer survey questions for THAT session instead.

I also recommend turning the map to the vertical rather than horizontal, as that would more efficiently use screen space on the user’s mobile device.