Ideas for ATM16

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Showcase the Conference Network

Feedback from #ATM15:

I had the opportunity to attend the “Lessons Learned” session presented by the team that built and ran the show network and was enlightened by some of the lessons they learned. My compliments to all involved on providing us a solid wireless experience—I would expect nothing less from Aruba Networks! That being said, there are some improvements that can be made for next year. I understand some may be harder to do than others, but I just wanted to provide some “brainstorm ideas”:

  • Provide IPv6 (I believe this was mentioned as being planned for next year)
  • Don’t use NAT/PAT – Get a block of IPs from the service provider, both IPv4 and IPv6, just for the show. IPv6 especially was designed to eliminate the need for NAT, and I personally know people that have a seething hatred for NAT. My dislike for it isn’t quite that strong, but NAT is commonly (and incorrectly) assumed to be and used for a security mechanism. It’s not.
  • Ensure upstream redundancy – maybe it was there but the presentation didn’t go into that level of detail on the wired network
  • Provide read-only access to AirWave and ClearPass used for the show. This provides 100% transparency for what is going on and would be a HUGE selling point and learning experience for all attendees. An alternative to this would be to set up a NOC of some kind with outward facing screens that provide read-only access for us to take turns on and click around to learn more.
  • Use the network overall to showcase products and technologies made by Aruba and Aruba’s partners. Perhaps physical security cameras attached to the show network with an HP storage array back-end? Aruba isn’t just about wireless anymore—prove it to us with this unique opportunity.