Ideas for ATM16

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Social Media Engagement

Feedback from #ATM15:

The display of social media was great around the conference center in the form of LCD TVs displaying tweets that used the show’s #ATM15 hashtag. I saw regularly released announcements on Twitter reminding us of certain events (e.g., “Don’t miss out on the most important meal of the day” with a fun graphic showing where breakfast was). I also commend the coordination shown by the social media team early in the week with folks on Twitter, particularly Monday morning when some folks couldn’t get on the wireless. Perhaps more people could be dedicated to “manning the Twitter account” for the week to be more responsive to needs and requests of attendees.

Another way to engage with social media is to take advantage of “influencers” that blog, are active on social media, and folks active on the Airheads Community forum. As I’ve seen at other conferences, I suggest tables with plenty of power plugs either at the keynote or in a separate “hang space” where the keynotes get live-streamed to where influencers can take notes, write blogs, and engage in social media outlets like Twitter. The marketing value of these influencers can’t be underestimated. Check out the podcast called “Geek Whisperers” for more ideas on this.