Ideas for ATM16

Tech Playground

Feedback from #ATM15:

Many Aruba partners in attendance had technical displays and smart people manning their booths to answer questions. In addition, there was a great variety of Aruba booths set up to showcase their latest technology. One challenge I had was in finding someone to answer a question about Aruba’s VIA remote-access VPN system. I happened to find an employee that talked with me about it, and it turns out this particular employee was quite involved in the setup of the Tech Playground.

While all the Aruba booths did a good job showing the latest tech, I suggest there be someplace set aside, either a set of booths or a bunch of large whiteboards, manned by TAC folks, technical marketing engineers, or some other experts in all the currently available and supported products. That way, there would be no doubt where someone like me should go to ask a question. Ideas for a name might be “Ask The Expert” or “Technical Solutions Clinic.”

Another idea, to help “newbies” like me get better acquainted with all the Aruba gear, the hardware displays could show all past and present gear produced by Aruba, a kind of F of sorts. The conference organizers could add onto this every year along with tags showing year and month introduced, date of last support, and some technical facts about each controller, AP, and physical appliance.