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Community Learning Mini Series- Focus on ArubaOS 8

Stay tuned each moth for a series of micro-learning videos to bring you the latest on Aruba technology.


December: ArubaOS 8 Licensing


Licensing Concepts

CL- Licensing Concepts.png

The latest Aruba OS provides an variety of optional add-on licenses designed to enhance the base OS, and some additional advanced features too. What are the types and categories for licensing in Aruba OS 8? What is a Centralized license? What are the supported topologies for licensing solutions? We'll take a closer look!


Licensing Applied
CL- Concepts Applied.png

You are probably familiar with licensing features in the latest AOS. Maybe you are wondering though, how to use licensing functionality, and how to apply it in your situation? We will break it down for you, looking at installing a Mobility Master (MM) license, enabling and disabling license features, and creating and managing Global and Local Pools.


January: ArubaOS 8 Architecture, WLAN Solutions, and Clustering


AOS8 Architecture Concepts 

 Architecture Concepts.PNG

The latest Aruba OS introduces an expanded Mobile First Architecture. Discover more on what’s enabled by the platform as well as answers to your basic questions around enhanced network connectivity and security needs. 

AOS8 WLAN Solutions Concepts

WLAN Sol Concepts.PNG

ArubaOS 8 provides a comprehensive WLAN solution enabling a variety of deployment scenarios. Learn more about what each deployment scenario looks like as well as basics on some of the more fundamental features. 


AOS8 Clustering Concepts

Clustering Concepts.PNG

You know the latest AOS includes all the clustering features you need, but maybe you are looking for a little more on the fundamentals? We’ll break it down for you! 




Cluster AP Termination Concepts

Clustering AP Termination.png

It’s no secret clustering APs offers increased network load and user balancing, as well as redundancy benefits. Maybe you are looking for more on what the basic features are and how they fundamentally work?


Cluster Roles & Failover Concepts 

Cluster Roles.png

 A cluster is a combination of multiple managed devices working together to provide high availability to all clients and ensure service continuity when a failover occurs. Maybe you are looking for more on what the basic features?



Airmatch Concepts (Coming Soon!)

Cluster Load-balancing Concepts (Coming Soon!)



RAP Concepts

Multi-Zone Concepts



Managing Groups and Devices with Mobility Master (MM) Applied 

Configuring Remote Access Points Applied 

Provisioning Access Points Applied


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