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A couple of questions on IP Mobility

I have to setup IP Mobility for a customer.  I've read the Campus VRD and 6.3 user guide and I have a couple of questions -


1) In a master/local cluster when I'm defining my subnetworks and vlan IDs, do I always use the master controller's IP or VRRP address as the Home Agent address or do I specify the IP address of the local controller where the subnet is actually housed ?  


2) All of the examples in the 6.3 UG and Arubapedia are for a master/local cluster.   Will IP mobility work in an all masters environment ?  If so, what would the setup look like ?  


Thanks for the help.


Re: A couple of questions on IP Mobility

Hey Rick, this post may be better suited for the other boards, but to answer your question - master/local is for just that - you'd push config from the master to the local(s). If you only have one local, there is little advantage in master/local and most would run master/master with VRRP running in between them. You'd need to size the licensing to take all of the planned AP's on each as if the primary fails, you'd need to pick all up on the secondary. In normal condiitions, you'd handle 50% of the load on each controller give or take. If you were running master/local, I'd use the controller IP - keep in mind that this works across L3 whereas VRRP is for geographically adjacent devices.



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