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All you need to know about Beacons

Last year I started looking really heavily into BLE and beacon functionality and use cases. I figured it was part of the Bluetooth SIG so I didn't really look too far into the actual tech beyond the content delivered in beacon advertisements. After going to Levi's stadium and getting a sense of the sheer amount of beacons used throughout the building I was baffled that it didn't completely overwhelm the 2.4GHz spectrum. I mean, I've seen the WiFi in call centers fall to it's knees as Bluetooth headsets rolled out. So naturally I made it my mission to learn more. I am not even close to getting through all the content I've dug up and by no means am I an expert in the area but I do have a better understanding of the underlying technology and most of my concerns have been addressed.


I'm just going to put a list of what I've used so far to help anyone else that might have a project down the road or is simply interested with how it all works. A lot of these are focused more towards app developers but if you're deploying beacons get used to meeting, working heavily with, or even becoming a developer.


Fantastic deepdive into the technology from the PHY to the data and everything inbetween. highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to understand the coexistence of beacons and WiFi.


News, guides, and other resources for beacon technology.

Guides on development and integration of iBeacons (or any BLE beacons) into iOS apps with how-tos for some specific use cases.


Guides on development and integration of BLE beacons into Android apps.


Finally, a fully curated list of resources for developers on everything iBeacon, BLE, and AltBeacon.

Ryan M. Adzima
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