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Aruba Beacons

Hi guys,


I need to price 20 Beacons for a project, what are the requirements to be priced with the beacons to have the solution working and is there any licenses to be added to the beacons?

Note that I have to state all the beacons options (jw313a, jw314a, jw315a, jw316a).

Thank you in advance


Re: Aruba Beacons

Are you an Aruba partner, or working with one?    I'd recommend looking at each component carefully with a partner or your local Aruba team.


Scoping Meridian and Beacons has some core required components, and then some optional:



  • JW461AAE (SUB1-MR-SWF) yearly subscription for every 250,000 square feet
  • PS-MER-MAP-1 ---- per map conversion (not sure a J number is available yet; work with your partner/Aruba team)
  • Beacons
    • JW313A (5 pack)
    • JW314A (50 pack)
    • JW315A (5 pack USB)
    • JW316A (50 pack USB)


  • PS-MER-APP --- 50 hours of application consulting services (not sure a J number is available yet; work with your partner/Aruba team)
  • Mounts
    • JW145A
    • JW144A
  • Push Notifications
    • JW462AAE (10k 1yr sub)
    • JW463AAE (50k 1yr sub)
    • JW464AAE (100k 1yr sub)
    • JW465AAE (250k 1yr sub)
  • App Delivery
    • SDK ---- JW466AAE (free)
    • White Label app delivery  ----  PS-MR-APP-BRD (not sure a J number is available yet; work with your partner/Aruba team)


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Re: Aruba Beacons

Thank you for the reply, it was helpful.

I have two additional questions:

1- As I undertsood from some readings, the aruba usb beacon and the battery powered beacon are both needed in the beacons solution (attached photo). we connect the usb beacon to the access point that supports a usb and then  this beacon communicates with battery powered beacon. In this case, a customer wants to deploy aruba beacons however he doesn't have the aruba Wi-Fi access points what has to be done? (please advise regarding the need for both beacons if this is the deployment).


2- Is there any option or license in the meridian platform that is able to count the number of users who pass by each beacon (way of statistics to check the active parts of the venue)?


Appreciate your help!


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Re: Aruba Beacons



My name is Shawn Kilburn and I'm the Meridian team's technical writer. I thought I'd jump in and answer your most recent questions.


1. Simply put, you don't need access points to use Aruba Beacons for location services and notifications. If you only have battery-powered Beacons, you can deploy them using the Aruba Beacons app (iOS-only). APs and controllers are necessary for the Meridian Editor's Beacons Management feature, but that's it.


2. The Meridian Editor includes a Reports feature that tracks things like the number of users using your Meridian-powered app, how many notifications were received, what search terms were used, and what routes were followed. This is done on the Meridian-powered app client side, so APs and controllers are not necessary.




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