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Can Beacons be managed through Central?

Can Beacons be managed through Central?


If so, what are my monitoring options? What alerts can be set up?


If not, what alerts can be set up in Meridian? Just battery alerts?


Re: Can Beacons be managed through Central?

No, beacons cannot be managed via Central. There are no alerts at this time. You could utilise the API for custom alerting. I have documented how you can gather the battery levels using the API here: https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Location-Services/Using-the-Meridian-API-Checking-Beacon-Battery-Levels/td-p/520886


https://docs.meridianapps.com/article/302-beacons-faq states: "Because of the way Beacons report battery life, Beacons Management will show a Beacon battery life for most of its life, and then show a steep drop-off at the end of the battery's life."

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