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Delete ALE Unassociated Clients Information

I checked the Unassociated Clients Information with the following API URL:

{"Presence_result": [{"msg": {"sta_eth_mac": {"addr": "FA44BD8002CD"},"associated": false,"hashed_sta_eth_mac": "2676B6DCA0A196782B7BBC5076CEA4A7BA73F512","ap_name": "24:f2:7f:cb:09:5c","radio_mac": {"addr": "24F27F3095C0"},"target_type": "TARGET_TYPE_STATION"},"ts": 1538025653}

When the Wi-fi of the Unassigned Clients for testing was turned off, the information was cleared in a few minutes.

Some minutes are too long for repeated tests.
Can I delete fence information manually?

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Re: Delete ALE Unassociated Clients Information



We dont have option to delete unassociated client from ALE, default every 30 seconds client/AP data will be sent from controller/IAP to ALE.


Client which is not active will be in user table default five minutes after that it will removed from controller.

If you dont want to wait for longer time,  you can try delete inactive user entry from controller/IAP, data will be get syncronized with ALE in 30 seconds.



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