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Frustrating Aruba ALE (53030)

Hi guys

I'm just wondering if somebody else is also struggling with Aruba ALE I've installed it for a Demo and it looks to me like an unfinished piece of software...

I also can't find those cool GUI dashboards we've seen in several marketing presentations from Aruba?!



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Re: Frustrating Aruba ALE (53030)

Ok, not feedback on my post. Thats not very promising...

I was working with TAC support on my issues for about 3 weeks. Their final answer is now: ALE doesn't work in stadium (VHD) setups! What a pity!!!


Re: Frustrating Aruba ALE (53030)

I just wndered in to the ALE section of the community so I'm sorry no one has responded to your post earlier.

ALE is only half of the equation for those cool dashboards.

ALE collects the data feeds from your Aruba ecosystem and then offers feeds to susbcribing analytic engines. I don't have the technical or marketing words for this, as I'm just starting to dabble in it myself.


ALE alone can provide almost nothing interesting, but the data streamed from it to an analytics platform can give you all manner of information.


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