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How to Meridian SDK (For Android Studio)

I recently found myself in the need to download the Meridian SDK for a demo I am working on. I am currently taking on the feat of developing an app using the Meridian SDK in order to show to end users at an event.

I thought I’d share the trials and tribulations I encountered when trying to demystify the README document that, while straightforward, can be confusing for someone who has very little experience with app development.


The contents of the SDK downloadable file look like this:

meridian sdk 1.png

This SDK package will assist you in embedding Meridian's maps and directions features into your own Android apps. You create your location-based data and maps at then use this SDK to display them in your app. The SDK provides all the necessary functionality of downloading the relevant location data and presenting the UI for maps & wayfinding.


The most important file inside the SDK is the .aar file.

Follow these Steps


Step 1: Extract this file onto your PC


I recommend extracting the file in the same folder where your Android projects will be stored.


Step 2: Create a “Local Repository” file within your project


meridian sdk 2.png

The “Get Started with the Android SDK” article within the meridian knowledge base explains how to do this on a general level, I got a little more specific. Adding the local_repo file is the easiest way to get this step done in my opinion.


Continue reading by downloading the document below, and don't forget to kudo this post!

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Re: How to Meridian SDK (For Android Studio)

Great job! Excelent article.

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Re: How to Meridian SDK (For Android Studio)

Thank you!

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