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Re: I've got a customer with busy channels. How do you go about troubleshooting that?

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I've got a customer with busy channels. How do you go about troubleshooting that?


According to the dashboard, there's not much interference.  What could be causing this?  How would one confirm/troubleshoot what the source of the problem is?

Reasons for Channel Busy in order of probability:


- Broadcasts Enabled--  Solution...Enable "Drop Broadcast and Multicast" on ALL your Virtual APs

- Access Point Power too High-  Solution...In your ARM Profile, start with the min TX at 12 and your max TX at 18

- Too much management traffic-  Solution...Reduce your AP power or disable lower rates in the SSID>Advanced Profile:

- Too Many SSIDs - Solution:....have only 3 SSIDs or less.  Combine devices with similar encryption types and use roles to separate one client's behavior from another.  Have your Virtual APs only broadcast on bands that your clients will use...e.g. if you have phones that only use b/g, make sure the Virtual APs allowed bands is only for g.


How to see channel busy for each access point?  Run the command below before and after making changes to measure the impact


(Controller) #show ap debug radio-stats ap-name Office-135 radio 1 | include usy             
Channel Busy 1s                     4
Channel Busy 4s                     3
Channel Busy 64s                    3
Ch Busy perct @ beacon intvl        3 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 0 3 3 3 13 10 4 3 0 4 3 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 3

 Replace "Office-135" with the name of your access point.  Also radio 1 is 2.4ghz (g) and Radio 0 is 5ghz (802.11a)


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