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Meridian customer app integration


This is a query absed on an interaction we are having with a customer of ours speci to intergation of their engine with Meridian .

Please find below or requirements for meridian - customer  app integration


1) When a floor layout map is created in meridian along with Aruba beacon placement, they will need this data to be given to bamboo (customer) either in a file format or though a wer service / API call. 


If Meridian either give them the data dictionary of meridian database and guide tem through the process of understanding the data dictionary for the scope of this interface, they  are happy to write these web services/API 


2) For an existing setup of layout maps with beacon placement for every one of the following activities :

1) Change to layout map made by admin within Meridian software

2) New beacons placed on a layout map and activated within Meridian

3) Beacon Replacement on a layout map within meridian

4) Beacon removal on a layout map within meridian


Customers app would like to receive the data specifically related to the above changes from meridian either through a file format or (more preferably) through a service call. customer can  write the code for this as well, but is seeking engineering help and support to trigger the execution of this code at the right moment (when admin makes changes to floor layouts) in the meridian software.

Re: Meridian customer app integration

Hi Abir,


We have few Meridian APIs avaialble, please login to  and click on Developers tab, it will take you to page where we have API section.


If you need more details, please check with your accounts Aruba team.




If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)

If my post address your queries, give kudos and accept as solution!
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