New Use Cases Supported with Meridian

With the recent release of Meridian, two new classes of use cases are now supported:


  1. Multi-tenant beacon support enables a single Aruba Beacon infrastructure to provide location to multiple mobile apps.  Now a stadium could have one regular season mobile app for the home team during the season and easily create another app for the Super Bowl that uses the same Aruba infrastructure and doesn’t affect the existing app behavior.  The look and feel of the map can even be customized for each event.  Another use case is in airports where the airport wants to have one set of Aruba infrastructure but allow multiple airlines to leverage that infrastructure to create location aware mobile apps.  Both of these are now possible with Meridian. The main location is called the "parent" and additional locations are called "child" locations.
  2. With the release of Meridian’s new Web SDK, customers and partners can now visualize Meridian maps and the location of Aruba Tags in a standard web browser.  This builds on the current SDK support for iOS and Android.  Now, for example, in a hospital where each staff member does not have a work issued mobile device, a healthcare professional can see the location of biomedical devices in a web browser on a workstation on wheels.
Additional details to note:
- When using the multi-tenant feature, a child location:
        * Requires purchasing of additional MAPS license based on its size, on top of the ones purchased for the parent location
        * Optionally requires purchasing of additional proximity beacons and APPMAKER licenses, if they are used by the child locations
        * Does not support ASSET TRACKING since asset tracking deployments are only supported in the parent location
- The release of the Web SDK does not make a blue dot appear on a browser based on its location. Routing between point A and point B is not supported via the Web SDK.

For more information, check out the release notes always located here:





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