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Setting up beacons without iOS

Hi everyone


I'm putting up a location services demo for a partner event in a hotel and having progressed to setting up BLE beacons I can not find instructions on how to do this if I don't have an iOS device at hand.

Is it not possible to set up beacons (locations at premises) without an iPhone?

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Re: Setting up beacons without iOS

Unfortunately, you must use IOS.  Sorry..

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Re: Setting up beacons without iOS

Yes, seconding Cjoseph on this. Right now, you can only do it with the Beacon's app that is running on iOS. You will have to sign in to validate your account has access to the location you are trying to setup the beacons on.


Just note that any recent iOS device with an updated Beacons app (and a data connection) would do that job, so you can use iPhone, iPad or even an iPod touch...

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Re: Setting up beacons without iOS

Thanks for the answers guys. Is there any roadmaps to develop Beacons app for android as well?

Had to use colleague's iphone for setup today and will be giving a presentation about it tomorrow - would be nice to know if it will stay limited to one platform.

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Re: Setting up beacons without iOS

Hey Maskamario, thanks for the question on this. For the foreseeable future, we will be supporting iOS only for Beacons App and the Tags App.

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