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Tags are not getting detected on Tags app

I have started working on tags where i faced this problem. When I turn on my tags(enabling it by turing the dot behind the tag from "0" to "|") and place them on my iphone(5se and 6) which has tags app logged in with my meridian account and with Bluetooth, location and data turned on.......Even though doing all these the tags are not getting detected. Is there anything I am missing??? Please help me with this.....


Thanks in advance.......  

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Re: Tags are not getting detected on Tags app


I’ve found some tags that need to be placed on top of the phone for about 10-15 seconds before being detected on my last iPhone 8. (No explications found until now) Could you try to let it on top of your phone for let say 30 sec ? I know, it’s suppose to save you time...

Also, two more things:

1-Be sure to have the latest meridian tags apps... There was a couple of bugs fixes in last two months...

2-Have you try a phone reboot... just in case ?

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