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"go to the nearest XYZ" --> app crash

Hi all, 


Being relatively new, I'm not sure if I'm trying to put this in the right secotion. Hope so :) 


We have an issue in a POC we've set up. We have built an app inside Meridian, and do wayfinding. Put the beacons in place, everything works as it shoul, except for one (annoying) thing: when we take "go to the nearest XYZ" inside the app, on all devices we're using, the app just crashes. Been tested on Huawei, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9... It crashes every single time. 


Is there something we're overlooking? Can anybody tell me the right way to start troubleshooting? (I'm fairly new to Meridian and have had no big issues with it so far... )



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Re: "go to the nearest XYZ" --> app crash

Aside from the troubleshooting part, can anybody confirm whether they do or don't have the same issue? Trying to figure out if it's isolated to us, or a more general issue... 




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