Mobility Engineer Checklist

Get Prepared for BYOD

In order to be prepared for the mobile workforce, you'll want to be prepared for BYOD:


Take an Aruba ClearPass Bootcamp

ClearPass is integral to BYOD.  ClearPass is not just a RADIUS server, but also includes device Onboarding and Guest access which will help you get devices on your network with ease.  Find a course to get started.


Establish a BYOD Plan

You'll need to have a plan so you're not caught off guard by the influx of mobile devices.  Meet with the decision makers in your company, and get the support from the business to proceed with a BYOD plan.  Be proactive and go to the business first, instead of being caugh off guard to users' demands for BYOD.


Know your Network

Verify that your WLAN can support the increase in clients.  Verify controller capacity and know which bands your APs support.


Purchase mobile devices

You'll want to have a good understanding of how various mobile devices work on your network.  It's important to test out Onboarding processes and roaming behaviour ahead of time so you know how these devices will perform.  Choose popular devices such as an Apple iPad and Samsung Tablet to cover your bases.