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Roles graphs in Airwave

Would be interesting to have User historical data in Airwave dashboard filtered by Role, not only as per SSID as now.


I'm able now to have an instant view of the current clients connected with a specific role but if somebody ask me which was the peak of the authenticated users that got though our captive portal today (got a different role upon authentication) I say there is no way to know it.






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What would you do if users occupied multiple roles in the time range in question?  How would you want that handled?

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Hi cjoseph,

thanks for your answer. I understand your point of view, but in our scenario, I guess there would others equal, most of the users just change their role once. When they get associated to the network they are in an associated role and when they got through the portal they got in an authenticated role. They won't change back because their mac address is cached. If there is a displayed timeframe of 5min and there is within a role change then it would be a good idea to display the role the user has at the beginning of this period.