Mobility Engineer Checklist

Sound signal from access point

Dear Sir / Madam,

I'd like to introduce my idea to you and ask if that can be made possible.
I`m manage a lot of access point in  Aruba Airwave.

Some times there is a problem that the access point cannot be found.
And we don`t no where the access point is located.

I can flash (blinking) the access point LED but,
if the access point is not in sight it's not to be found either.
This will help us get find of access point  in our large buildings.

My proposal:
Is it possible to send a commando from Airwave to access point,
and access point make Sound signal.
So the access point can be found, by hearing of sound signal.

Kind regards,

MVP Guru
Please do not submit product feature requests here. Feature requests can be filed through your Aruba partner or local Aruba SE who have access to Innovation Zone.