Clearpass VM 6.2 to 6.3 migration [Quick Guide] - Feb 2014


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Hi everyone,

today i successfully migrate my clearpass after having some issues following the 6.3 migration tech notes.


i've a 6.2 clearpass vm that have two disc; iscsi 0:0 of 15 gb and iscsi 0:1 of 50 gb, both iscsi disc are used so as i read on some posts i cannot detach the "usused" disk and add a bigger disk because this cause a crash in my vm on boot.


so i open a ticket and the support help me to migrate the vm with this step:


1-on clearpass 6.2

- make a full backup


- from cli save the "show license" output

- export your certificate and be sure to have the private pasword. 

- export your system id code


2- deploy new clearpass 6.3

- after you import the odf template add a new disc of 500gb

- start the vm and wait

- via cli end the procedure giging password and ip address

- connect via web to given ip and insert the license previously extracted  (policy manager license)

- reconnect and restore the backup selecting all the option you need (it depend if you wanna restore insigh db and soon)

take care of select "ignore db version" so clearpass will upgrade 6.2 db to 6.3 during import and you will see in logs "Backup if different from policy manger. will attemt to migrate data"


- reimport the certificate

- reconfigure ldap if you've joined your clearpass to a domain


my backup was about 200mb and all this migration take quite 3 hours.


i hope this guide could be usefoul to someone.

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