How to fix a corrupt AOS - Mar 2014


Tutorial by: Giovanni Saldarriaga


I want to share this small tutorial... last night around 11:30 pm one of my clients called me because his controllers (Master + Master-standby) never back after a power outage ..

After a brief conversation he told me 2 weeks ago he upgrade his 3200 from to 6.4. Smiley Surprised 

I explain to him the situation (Because 3200 don't support 6.4 with out memory upgrade) then I proceed to restore the controller..



Connect to serial port..


I notice this.. the OS was "stuck" and the front status LED was changing between orange and amber.






Unplug the power and wait for 10 sec. wait until controller back up and hit any key to stop autoboot 

As you noticed in the first pic the controller is loading the image from 0:0 now I will show you how to set a default partition...


- When you stop autoboot enter:   (To set the second partition as default)


cpboot> def_part 0:1


-Make sure you save the configuration type: 


cpboot> saveenv


- Re-load the controller type:


cpboot> boot 


Wait for the controller.. then you will get this... 




As you can see in this pic the controller is booting the image from the second partition 0:1 now you will get a regular ARUBA OS boot process Smiley Wink

After you login in the controller you can downgrade or upgrade the corrupt image from the other partition... using GUI or CLI..


You will notice the status ligth now is green same as the power ligth. 




Giovanni Saldarriaga

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