5.1.3 release notes

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

AirWave recently uncovered a potential problem with previous releases of AirWave's AMP 5.0 software. This latest AMP 5.1.3 update addresses issues discovered in the previous 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 release of AMP 5.0. AirWave strongly encourages all customers running previous versions of AMP 5 0 to upgrade to AMP 5.1.3.

---- AMP 5.1.3 Changes ----

The primary issue resolved since AMP 5.1.2 concerns an unexpectedly long data query when searching for neighboring APs during nightly maintenance. In some instances, this long query could result in the creation of very large -- over 50 gigabyte -- temporary files on the AMP and could also prevent AMP's nightly maintainance scripts from completing within a reasonable period of time.

---- UPDATE NOTES ----
General Information

Customers running any version of AMP higher than AMP 4.1.2 can use this AMP 5.1.3 release to upgrade previous versions of AMP; it is not necessary to sequentially apply previous AMP software updates before updating to AMP 5.1.3. However, customers running AMP 5.0.5 or below may experience an update lasting up to several hours due to a change in how AMP 5.1.x manages client historical data.

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