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7.0 upgrade failed with error: make: *** [check_awrrd_migration_values] Error 1

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

If the upgrade fails in STEP 3 with the following error:

. . .
Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at /root/svn/mercury/lib/perl/Mercury/MigrateRRD/ line 53.
The following RRD files have values which are too large:

make: *** [check_awrrd_migration_values] Error 1
Upgrade aborted. Please contact AirWave Support.
1-866-WiFi-AMP or


Run the following command on the AMP command line:

# perl -MMercury::MigrateRRD::PurgeSpikes -e "Mercury::MigrateRRD::PurgeSpikes->go"

After this command completes, run the upgrade command again.

# start_amp_upgrade -v 7.0.1

If the upgrade still does not complete successfully, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

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