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Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

When I try to display all of the devices on the AMP (Expand folders to show all APs/Devices when Top folder is selected) the page never loads.

We have seen this behavior in the past when trying to load lists containing a particularly large number of devices, especially on Internet Explorer. If using another browser is not an option, you may have to restrict the number of devices displayed on the page. 

With respect to IE, it may be that one or more of the javascripts AMP uses to build the page is timing out. The timeout may also have something to do with the processing of self-signed certificates. In the latter case we've found that obtaining a certificate from a reliable third party source has resolved the issue.

Here are some ways to limit the number of records displayed on a page:
- Use the drop down directly above the list to change the number of "Records Per Page" *
. - Using the Custom feature you can specify a large value rather than trying to display "All records"
- Select a folder from the "Go to folder" drop down at the top of the page
- View devices for a particular Group using the Groups > List page
- Search on a string that will reduce the number of list items displayed

* If you cannot see the page and therefore cannot access the Records Per Page drop down, you can force a reset to a lower number of records using the "Default Number of Records per List" setting on the Home > User Info page.

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