AWMS: An Introductory Tour / Getting Started

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Reading through the following sections of the Users Guide while following along in the web GUI will help you familiarize yourself with some of the AirWave server's key features while getting to know where things are...

(NOTE: You can find the User Guide on the Home > Documentation page of the web GUI. You can also download a copy from the Documentation page on the Support site.)

AWMS—A Unified Wireless Network Command Center

Configuring AWMS
- Customizing Columns in Lists
- Defining Graph Display Preferences

Configuring and Using Device Groups in AWMS
- AWMS Group Overview
- Configuring Basic Group Settings

Discovering, Adding, and Managing Devices
- Monitoring Devices

Performing Daily Administration in AWMS
- Creating and Using Triggers and Alerts
- Monitoring and Supporting WLAN Users
- Monitoring and Supporting AWMS with the Home Pages
- Monitoring and Supporting AWMS with the System Pages

Creating, Running, and Emailing Reports

As a second pass for a more in-depth understanding of the functionality of the AMP and its features, continue with these sections:

Configuring AWMS
- Formatting the Top Header
- Using the Pagination Widget
- Customized Search

Configuring Communication Settings for Discovered Devices

Configuring and Using Device Groups in AWMS
- Changing Multiple Group Configurations
- Modifying Multiple Devices

Discovering, Adding, and Managing Devices
- Configuring and Managing Devices
- Troubleshooting a Newly Discovered Device with Down Status

Defining General AWMS Server Settings

Creating AWMS Users
Creating AWMS User Roles

Auditing PCI Compliance on the Network (mostly used by retail businesses)

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