AWMS Upgrade from 7.1.3 32-bit to 7.2.x 64-Bit

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Aruba Employee

Instructions for upgrading from 7.1.x 32-bit to 7.2.x 64-bit

PLEASE NOTE: this process will result in extended downtime for your airwave server and will require a manual data backup, operating system installation, and manual data restore. Please schedule your maintenance window appropriately.

Pre-Upgrade Check:
1. Login to AMP and confirm the version you're running
*Upgrades are designed to work for 2 minor releases (i.e. from 6.4.x to 7.1.x, 7.0.x to 7.2.x). For complete details of the upgrade increments, please see:
2. Download the last complete backup and rename file to reflect the AMP version - backup can be downloaded from System -> Backups, or directly from /var/airwave-backup.

If you're running a version of 7.1.x 32-bit and have access to internet from the AMP server:
1. Login to the AMP server as the root user.
2. Run the Upgrade Utility:
# start_amp_upgrade -v 7.2.x

* this upgrade process will verify the current OS using 'uname -i' and will upgrade you accordingly so that if you're on 32-bit, it will use the 32-bit upgrade package

If your AMP cannot access the internet:
1. Download AMP 7.2.x 32-bit upgrade package from our website:
2. Copy the upgrade package file to the AMP's /root directory using WinSCP
3. Login to the AMP server as the root user.
4. Run the Upgrade Utility:
# start_amp_upgrade -v 7.2.x

Once you have upgraded your server to 7.2.x 32-bit you'll need to perform a manual data backup:

1. Log into the AWMS system as root.
2. Run the backup script by typing 'amp_backup'.
This creates a backup of the system located in /alternative/databackup.tar.gz.

IMPORTANT: You will need to copy this backup file to an off-server location BEFORE proceeding with the AWMS 7.2 64-bit installation.

A good open source Windows file transfer client that supports SFTP and SCP for is WinSCP which is available from WINSCP allows you to transfer the databackup.tar.gz file from your AWMS to your local PC using the secure copy protocol (SCP).

Once you have saved a copy of the databackup.tar.gz you'll need to download a copy of the appropriate version of 7.2.x 64-bit ISO from the Airwave Download site ( ).

PLEASE NOTE: Your 7.2.x 64-bit ISO must match the version of 7.2.x 32-bit you upgraded to (If you upgraded to 7.2.0, then you'll need the 7.2.0 ISO). 32-bit to 64-bit Data backup and restoration REQUIRES matching AWMS versions. Failure to match AWMS versions may result in a failed upgrade with possible data loss.

Burn this ISO to a CD and then proceed to install Airwave 7.2.x 64-bit to your server.

PLEASE NOTE: This will completely erase your existing Airwave Installation and Operating System and data from your server. Any custom scripts, files, and backups MUST be saved to an off-server location PRIOR to installing from the 7.2.x 64-bit ISO.

Once you have completed the Airwave 7.2.x 64-bit OS installation and installation script you'll need to manually restore your 7.2.x 32-bit databackup.tar.gz from the manual backup you performed earlier. Please follow the procedure outlined below:

1. Use your 7.2.x 64-bit AWMS Installation CD to build a new machine. The new machine must be running the same version as the AWMS that created the backup file (in this case, 7.2.x 32-bit).

2. Copy the databackup.tar.gz file to the new AWMS. The /tmp directory is an appropriate destination.

3. Log onto the new server as root.

NOTE: Nightly maintenance and amp_backup scripts backup the full AMP data and save the file as nightly_data001.tar.gz.

4. Change to the scripts directory by typing 'scripts' or cd /root/svn/mercury/scripts.
5. Run the restore script by typing ./amp_restore -d /tmp/databackup.tar.gz.

Congratulations, you have now upgraded to the 64-bit version of AWMS!

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