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Airwave Mismatches in Master-Local setup controllers

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee


Some of the configuration on the local controller shows as mismatched on Airwave. I have configured Master controller and pushed the config to the locals.


This applies to all the version of Airwave


This article helps us understand what configurations are not pushed from the master to the local controllers.


Parameters that are not pushed from master to local.

In a master-local set up, most of the controller configurations are pushed from the master to local controller. However, some configurations are unique to that device, and
therefore are not replicated from the master to a local controller. The following setting must be manually configured on a local controller that synchronizes with the
master controller.

1: Controller and IP interfaces
2: IP routing an STP (Spanning-Tree) configurations
3: DHCP pools and reservations
4: Remote AP whitelist
6: VPNpplied to ports
7: Certificates
8: Statefulpools for remote APs and other VPN clients
9: NAT pools
10: ACLs al firewall settings
11: local-user database values. ( guest users)
12: Customized captive portal pages and images, and the captive portal redirect address
RADIUS client details and RADIUS source interface
13: SNMP, NTP, and syslog settings
14: Hostnames, DNS and SMTP servers
15: Time zone and daylight savings time settings

We must make sure that the above discussed values are manually configured on the local controllers also.A quick fix is to move the local to manage mode ( The master must be in GOOD config before doing this) and push the configuration to the local controller.

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