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Airwave Trigger Email alerts has incorrect URL leads to page not found

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question : Why does Airwave include incorrect URL in the email alerts to access the device monitor page in Airwave.


Environment Information : When we change the Host name of Airwave, the email alerts that are generated includes incorrect URL to access the device monitor page in Airwave.


Symptoms : Accessing the URL in the alert email leads to page can not be found.


Cause : This occurs if the reverse nslookup of Airwave IP is incorrect and it uses the same incorrect hostname in the email alert.

Resolution : Updating the appropriate host name in the DNS server for Airwave IP will resolve this issue.


Answer : Once the dns server has been updated with an appropriate hostname for the IP address, Airwave server can do a reverse nslookup so that it includes the correct URL in the email alert messages.



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