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Airwave Upgrade Failed with error "getcwd: cannot access parent directory"

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : Airwave upgrade fails with the below error:





Upgrade fails with the error and the server gets to a disabled state.

The services will be stopped and we will lose access to the Web Ui to the Airwave server.


The error about "getcwd: cannot access parent directory..." happens if we run the upgrade from /root/svn/mercury twice in succession.
Each time we run the upgrade, it moves /root/svn/mercury to a new name (thus getting rid of your process's current directory). 



The reason you get this error is:
  1) First time, /root/svn/mercury exists and you are running upgrade from this directory
  2) Upgrade moves it out of the way, but your upgrade fails for some reason (your package was corrupt or some other reason)
  3) Your current directory is now /root/svn_old/mercury, but your shell thinks you are in /root/svn/mercury
  4) Upgrade *removes* /root/svn_old and moves the latest mercury to /root/svn/mercury
  5) Now your current directory really doesn't exist anywhere.
The best advice is to run this upgrade from ~root  directory. Just type "cd" to get to root's home directory and then run the upgrade command again.

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