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Airwave backup recovery when the server is non boot-able due to corrupted OS image.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article will help to explain how to recover server backup when the Airwave server fails to boot.


Since Airwave run's on CentOS 5.5 / 6.2 operating system, we can use the live boot-able disk when the server fails to boot due to issue with detecting OS image from server harddrive.

Note: If that bad hard drives partition "/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00" is not mountable then we would be able to fetch the backup from the server.


Environment : Airwave server would not boot if there is any kernel panic issue or if an issue with Hard drive node [0,0] and fails to detect Operating System Image.


Download the CentOS 5.5 / 6.2 x64 live bootable image, refer the following URL for CentOS live image.

>    Burn the image to the disk and boot the server with the image.

>     Once you reach the "#" prompt make sure you have network connectivity and able to reach available network storage.

>    Run the following mkdir command create a mounting point "temp" and the command followed by to mount the logical volume on the server to access the disk.

# mkdir /mount/temp
# mount /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00 /mount/temp
# cd /mount/temp

>    Run the below scp command to copy nightly backup file and license from the server hard drive to the network storage.

# scp /mount/temp/var/airwave-backup/nightly_data001.tar.gz <username>@<>:</some/remote/directory>
# scp /mount/temp/var/airwave/license/license.txt <username>@<>:</some/remote/directory>

>    Rebuild the Airwave server using the same version ISO image as the defective server version using the installation guide available in the following URL

>    Once the server was rebuild copy the backup nightly_data001.tar.gz file to /tmp directory using winscp tool.

>    Run the following command to restore the backup.
    # screen
    # root
    # amp_restore -d /tmp/nightly_data001.tar.gz



once the backup is restored we can login to webUI of Airwave to verify the data that we restored from the backup

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