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Airwave not generating an alert if the device goes down

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Airwave has trigger configured to send an alert if the device goes down a ap or a controller. when controller was not accessible via SNMP, SSH and http/https. Airwave did not send an down alert. Although the snmp was timing out ( attached the error), missed poll threshold was set to 1 in group basic page. (attached the screen shot) 
snmp error screen shot name ( snmp error) 
group basic page screen shot name ( group basic)


The reason why airwave is not marking the device as down, although the device was not accessible via SSH, HTTP and HTTPs is becuase that device could be hung and not responding to SSH and HTTP/HTTPs requests ( which is actually like a down device for a network admin as it effects the network). However the device would be responding to the ping requests sent by airwave. we have an option in airwave to ping the device if it is not reachable via snmp to check if it is up. we could set that option to yes or no. depending upon our requirement. 

This option is configurable from device setup --> communication tab, Attempt to ping devices that were unreachable via SNMP: If it is set to yes, we might run into this situation and it is expected behavior. 

Note: If we set it no, if the device is not responding to the snmp polls for a reason that it was busy. Airwave will mark that device as down, since it will not ping the device. 

attached the screen shot of the setting option of device setup, communication tab. 
screen shot name : device setup, communication.

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