Airwave not importing templates from Switch



What to do when we have scenarios where Airwave shows error for configuration for officeconnect switch.



We can see scenarios where Airwave shows configuration status as error for the switch added to Airwave. We will see the message Error (No matching template could be found for this device. See the templates page.).


When we go to the templates page we wont see any templates created. If we try to manually create the template and fetch from device the web page will stuck and will stop responding.

If we enable the telnet debug we will see the below message in the log,

< 0x00000: 6e 6f 20 70  61 67 65 0d  0a                        no page..


< 0x00000: 61 64 6d 69  6e 40 31 37  32 2e 31 36  2e 32 30 2e  admin@172.16.20.

< 0x00010: 36 32 27 73  20 70 61 73  73 77 6f 72  64 3a 20     62's password:

In this we can see the no page command is been pushed to the switch before the “password” prompt is received by AMP.



We see this behavior when we have banner on the switch and this is using "#" value. To fix this issue we can follow any of the below steps,


  • Remove “#” from the banner


  • Replace “#” with “*” or “+”


Once this change is made we will be able to fetch the template from the templates page and the error message for the configuration will be changed to good or mismatched.

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