Airwave server stuck during the boot process


What to do when Airwave server stuck during the boot process, right after loading the CentOS. We will be also seeing the below error message on screen,


We are seeing this issue due to the VMware tool installed on Airwave, due to which we are not able to bring up the eth0 interface and boot process is stuck


To resolve this issue we have to login as single user mode and uninstall the vm-tools. We can install it again latter once the server is up. We can follow the below steps edit the grub menu and switch to single user mode

  • When the system boot up Press ‘e’ at boot screen
  • Select the second line starting with 'kernel' and press 'e' to edit this line
  • Now you can see yourself on a command prompt. Remove ‘rhgb quiet’ from there and write single and press enter
  • Now you will come back to the boot screen. Press ‘b’ and system will appear to boot and leave you in command line interface
  • From the command line interface you can execute the below command to uninstall the vmware tools


-bash2-$ reboot

Now the server should boot up normally.

Note: If you are on 8.2.4 or post grub will be password protected and you would need to use a live ISO to access grub. Please involve TAC to help you with this.

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