Authenticating to AMP's web gui and logging out

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

AMP uses whats called Basic HTTP Authentication (which means the browser stores the credentials). If you quit your browser, it will normally prompt you again to log in. However, we also use cookies to cache the authentication so that we dont hit your TACACS+ server every time you view a page on AMP. This means that AMP wont challenge your browser for credentials as long as the cookie is valid, which means you can quit your browser and reconnect to AMP without being prompted for the username and password. 

If youre not using TACACS+, then AMP is just doing a database lookup (which were doing anyway for the cookie validation), so its okay to turn off the authentication caching. This will also ensure that when you quit your browser completely, open it again, and navigate to AMP, youll be prompted to log in again. 

You can disable the authentication caching on the AMP Setup General page by setting AMP Authorization Lifetime to 0.

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