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Authorizing Instant devices using instant AP whitelist


AMP version : 8.0.x.


Instant Whitelist database is a list of Instant AP's that are allowed to access the AMP sever after completing pre-shared key or certificate authentication.


The Instant AP whitelist can be manually configured using the Airwave UI or we can import into Airwave by command-separate values (CSV) format.

Whitelist files can include the following data columns. The Name field is mandatory and each entry must contain either a serial number or a LAN MAC address of the device.

*LAN MAC Address
*serial number
*Virtual Controller name
*group name
*folder name
*custom_variable_1 .... custom_variable_10

Step 1. We need to create a  CSV Whitelist entry using the above format.

For example,

Step 2. We need to enable -> Authorize Aruba Instant APs connecting to AirWave -> Whitelist & Use Org String as Group/Folder to -> No.

Step 3. We need to navigate to New Devices -> Instant AP Whitelist -> Select Import Instant AP Whitelist from CSV -> Browse and upload the Whitelist CSV file.

4. Once after importing the CSV file. From Instant Web page we need to navigate to System -> Admin -> And update the Organization, Aiwave server, Shared Key.


Now the Instant AP will attempt to connect to AMP and AMP will check for either Mac address or serial number of the Instant AP against the imported whitelist and authorizes the device if the MAC address or Serial number matches a Whitelist entry.


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