Best Practice for upgrading a Failover server

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Here are some suggestions for how to upgrade your Failover server.

1. (optional) Have Failover take over for watched AMP
2. If not 1: Disable Failover
3. Upgrade watched AMP
4. If 1: Restore Failover; otherwise: Re-enable Failover
5. Upgrade Failover

First of all, you want your Failover server and all of your watched AMPs to be on the same version, so you should upgrade them all at the same time.

If it is important to you to continue monitoring your devices while a watched AMP is being upgraded, you can have the Failover server take over for the watched AMP during the upgrade. If not, simply disable the Failover server before beginning the upgrade of the watched AMP using this command.

# disable_amp

Re-enable the Failover with the command below after the upgrade of the watched AMP completes and you have confirmed that the watched AMP is accessible from the web GUI:

# enable_amp

There are some considerations about data loss during the upgrade that are covered in this Knowledge Base article:
<link to Failover restore kb>

If you want the Failover server to take over for a watched AMP, simply disable the watched AMP (using the command above) before you begin the upgrade. You can shorten the time it takes for the Failover to respond by reducing the missed polls setting to one.

The Failover will then begin to restore the backup it has on file for the watched AMP. This will take a while. You can monitor this process from the Failover command line by watching the running services:

# wd

When a full list of services appears (not just two or three) the Failover server has completed the restore. Try logging in to its web GUI to confirm this. Type Ctrl-C to exit the wd command.

When the upgrade completes, re-enable the watched AMP.

Once you've completed upgrading all of the watched AMPs, restore the Failover server as a Failover and upgrade it. This upgrade should finish fairly quickly. This Knowledge Base article explains how to restore the Failover:
<link to Failover restore kb>

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