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Can AirWave pass Controller syslog messages to External Logging server

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee


Is it possible to have AirWave pass along syslog messages received by Controllers? Can Airwave act as a 'syslog relay'


This article implies to all versions of Airwave



AirWave does not act as a syslog relay. However it has a feature where every syslog/trap message received from all devices can be sent as an external trap, by configuring on the System Triggers page but this is not recommend for scalability reasons.
It is better to use the trigger to look for specific traps and syslog messages. The best solution is to configure the controller to send syslogs to multiple destinations.

We can also force the controllers to directly send the syslogs/traps to the third party utility by adding that IP as the syslog/trap receiver.

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