Changing the country code of IAP from Airwave


I have a group of several controllers but one controller has its radio disabled because the country code isn't set.
I can't set it via CLI or GUI because it says it's denied by Airwave management.

How do i change country code for IAP being managed by Airwave. I am using IGC.


When IGC is enabled, by default local config on IAP is denied. All config must be pushed via Airwave.


Login to AMP and navigate to the Instant Config tab for the group in which the IAP is provisioned.


Under Menu- Airwave - Airwave Settings, change the "allow configuration of country code" to "yes".



Saving the settings will ask for confirmation. Please confirm and save

Once done, Click on "VC List" menu and it will list all the VCs in the group.

Click on the VC where change is required.



Once we click on the name, the VC will be highlighted as shown below.




Now, click on the Menu options and navigate to System settings. Airwave will ask for confirmation as seen below.


Hit "Yes" and it will navigate us to the system's page where we can see the option to edit the country code.


Select the right code from the drop down and save apply the config.







The changes will be pushed to the IAP and the country code will be changed.

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