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Cisco IOS showing down on Airwave with snmp get failed message

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question : When we add Cisco IOS to Airwave it shows down with "snmp get failed message".


Environment  : Airwave version 7.6.5, Cisco 1200 Aironet on Firmware version 12.3(8)



When we add Cisco Aronet 1200 to Airwave we see it as down on Airwave with "snmp get failed" error even though Community string is set correctly.


rtaImage (4).png



We can try doing a manual walk to the device to make sure Airwave is getting the information. To do a manual bulk walk we can execute the below command,

# s2w <ip address of the device> <community string> .1

In this case we would be getting response.

When we check the Device Event for this particular device on Airwave we can come across the below message.


rtaImage (5).png


This is happening because Airwave is not able to get the device information or something is blocking Airwave from reading the information from the device.


To resolve this issue. Go to Cisco IOS.

Go to the path Service --> SNMP and make sure Object Identifier is left blank without any information.



rtaImage (6).png


If we are giving a value over there, it would block the device in coming up on Airwave,  since it would block the MIB view.

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