Clarity Synthetic Firewall requirements

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Is there any port to be allowed between the clarity synthetic engine and the controllers / APs, to be able to start the Clarity Synthetic test?


Communication ports needed by Clarity Synthetic engine-


Airwave to controller  - it needs SSH access, port number 22.

Airwave to Clarity engine - TCP  port number 60001. It is currently hard coded.

Clarity engine to AP - Gre tunnel, TCP Port number 1723 


The GRE tunnel will be handling all traffic to perform the Clarity Synthetic test. Primarily the clarity engine telling the AP (which is simulating client behavior) what operations to conduct. So it's usually a json message with the test request containing which SSID (or specific BSSID) to connect to, which username/authentication to use, which band to attempt connecting on, destinations for dns/ping/pageload/traceroute, and whether or not to run iperf3 test. All passwords are encrypted in the communication.


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This list is not comprehensive. Here are the ports we opened in order to enable all test functionality:

TCP 60000-60001

TCP 80, 443

TCP 22



TCP 1723

TCP 5201

UDP 5201


Can you tell me what these ports are for and from where to where?

TCP 5201

UDP 5201





Port 5201 (either tcp or udp) is the default port used for the AP (functioning as a client) to perform iperf tests against the clarity engine.

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