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Clarity synthetic test run successful but no color code


Clarity synthetic test is successful but not showing any color code for any parameters (Ping/DHCP/DPN/WPA) in Calrity Syntehtic > Test details



Clarity engine status is UP and running in Airwave and also proper communication happening between Airwave and engine. We could check the communication status in /var/log/serverbackend.log in clarity engine.

Check the finalResult log in /var/log/ContainersResults directory see below error message.

    "INITDATA": {
      "apForwardModeChanged": "FALSE",
      "apForwardingMode": "Campus",
      "greStatus": "SUCCESS",
      "mgmtEntityConfigChanged": "FALSE",
      "result": "Success",
      "startTime": "2017-11-21 12:01:43.046929 UTC",
      "webSocketStatus": "SUCCESS"

        "result": "Failed:Test WPA aborted for target BSSID XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX"
    "TESTID": "31526fd5-32b1-4bbd-48e9-f70ccfa34de9",
    "WPADATA": {
      "clientMACAddress": "00:50:56:9f:1a:06",
      "result": "Failed:Network Not Found",

      "startTime": "2017-11-21 12:01:52.575683 UTC",
      "wpa4wayhandshake": {
        "WPAKey1RxRetryCount": 0,
        "WPAKey2TxRetryCount": 0,
        "WPAKey3RXRetryCount": 0,
        "WPAKey4TxRetryCount": 0,
        "groupText": "4 Way Handshake",
        "result": "Failed",
        "retryCount": 0,
        "startTime": "1970-01-01 00:00:00.000000 UTC",
        "time": 0

      "wpaassociation": {
        "groupText": "Association",
        "result": "Failed",
        "retryCount": 0,
        "startTime": "1970-01-01 00:00:00.000000 UTC",
        "time": 0

From above logs, we could see websocket tunnel established between Airwave and clarity engine and trying to change the AP mode but in failed to detect the client mac address (AP device) due to 4 way handshake failed. We generally see this error message when we have entered incorrect credentials while running clarity synthetic test from Airwave. Entering the correct credentials and re-run the test, it will show the color code for all the parameters.

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