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Configuration Push from AMP to Aruba controller (GUI based config)

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1. AMP pushes minimum config when we manage the Aruba Controller. basically one command per line unless it needs other settings for one change like Enabling WMS offload or adding a WLAN.
2. For Guest user and RAPIDS classification, AMP will do a partial config push. basically pushing the whole set of guest users or Rogue classification respectively.
3. If Aruba controller is placed in Manage mode, AMP should be able to Telnet/SSH to the controller and able to run the below "show" commands (Called as Audit Process)

> Show running-config
> show vrrp
> show master-redundancy
> show local-userdb (for users in local user db)
> show local-userdb-guest (Guest user info in local user db)

After this, if there are any mismatches to the runnig config to the config in AMP, AMP will push out those commands.

4. Similarly if there are changes on AMP Aruba Config, AMP will run the Audit processes and then push the changes. Even though the config is in good state prior to this AMP will Audit the device before pushing out the changes.

**** Note : If there are changes made on AMP Aruba Config and then the device is placed in Manage mode, we should see AMP doing two Audit processes (One after changes in AMP Aruba Config, one after placing the device in manage mode) before the config is actually pushed. If AMP fails to get info from any of the Audit processes or not able to finish 2 Audits, AMP thinks that the controller do not have any config and will push the entire config.

5. After the config is pushed successfully, AMP will run an Audit again on the device and will show the state as Good (if config push is success) or Repair (if it fails to push).

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