Configuring AMP to only accept SSHv2

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

By default AMP will accept SSH v1 and v2 connection. If you wish to restrict command line access to SSHv2 you will need to edit a config file from the command line of AMP. 

The file you want to edit is /etc/ssh/sshd_config. In the file there is a section that says:

#Port 22
#Protocol 2,1 
#ListenAddress ::

You will want to edit it to say:

#Port 22
Protocol 2 
#ListenAddress ::

Please follow the instructions below. They will walk you through editing and saving the file.

1. SSH into AMP or login to the physical terminal.

2. navigate to /etc/ssh

cd /etc/ssh

3. open the file with vi

vi sshd_config

4. use the arrow keys to get to the appropriate line and type i to enter
insert mode


5. delete the # sign and the ,1 at the end of the line.

6. exit insert mode by pressing escape


7. write the file and quit vi using the :wq command


If vi gets into a wierd state hit escape a few times and then :q! to quit
without writting the file.

8. Once the file has been written restart the sshd service.

service sshd restart

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