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Configuring the AirWave Management Client to get successful contact

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Configuring your AirWave Management Client

First, log in to the web interface of your AMP and go to the AMP Setup --> Users tab. Click on the Add button to add a new user. Set the new users role to AirWave Management Client, along with a password you will remember. Click save.

Next, go to the Home --> Documentation tab --> Under RAPIDS section --> Download AirWave Management Client. In older versions (Versions 6.2.x and prior) you'll need to go to RAPIDS --> Overview tab to download the AirWave Management Client. During the set up, you will be asked for an address of the AMP and a password. For the address, type in a host name or an IP address WITHOUT http:// (i.e. just type For the password, type in the password you established for the user you created with the role of AirWave Management Client (see above). 

The configuration of your AirWave Management Client should then show a contact status of Success. If it doesnt, try clicking the refresh button at the bottom of the client window.


Configuring AMP 

1. Browse to the AMP Setup -->Roles page on the AMP's web UI. 

2. Ensure there is a role with the type 'AirWave Management Client'. 

3. If a role does not exist: 

a. Click “Add” Button. 
b. Enter “AMC Client” as the name. 
c. Select “AirWAve Management Client” as the type. 
d. Click the 'Add' button to create the role. 

4. Browse to the AMP SETUP --> Users page on AMP's web UI. 

5. Ensure there is a “client” user assigned to the “AMC Client” role. 

6. If a “client” user does not exist: 

a. Click “Add” button. 
b. Enter “client” as Username. 
c. Assign “AirWave Management Client” role. 
d. Enter password. 
e. Click “Add” button to save. 

7. To change “client” user's password: 

a. Click on the pencil icon next to client row. 
b. Enter new password. 
c. Click “Add” button to save.

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is there a reason why this client would keep getting disabled?   Mine will only stay enabled for 20 minutes or so?

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