Connecting to AMP's database using ODBC

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

There are 2 levels of security that need to be changed to allow ODBC connections to AMP's database. The following instructions refer to config files in /var/lib/pgsql/data/ :

1. In hba.conf, add a line for your clients that can connect. In my environment, I added this:

host all all trust

A more secure option is to force username/password login like this:

host all all ident airwave

2. In postgresql.conf this line

virtual_host = 'localhost'

defines the addresses that postgres will listen from. Since you want to listen for more addresses than just localhost, you'll need to add entries or just comment out the line. I commented it out like this:

#virtual_host = 'localhost'

Once I had those two files configured, I restarted postgres like this:

# service postgresql restart

And was able to connect to AMP's database from my laptop via PGAdmin III and with MS Access using ODBC. I understand from my old notes that the ODBC drivers are available inVisualStudio.NET.

The default username and password for AMP's database are airwave/airwave.

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