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Controller clusters are not getting updating in AMP


Controller clusters are not getting updating in AMP 8.2.3.


After adding the 8.0 cluster to AMP still the AP/devices -> Controller clusters will be empty as shown below:


Controller clusters information are sent to AMP by amon data. We need add AMP as an mgmt server in the controller as shown below.

1.  We need to configure AMP as a mgmt-server in Aruba Controller to send controller cluster status. Command to make AMP as a mgmt-server,
(Controller) config t

#(Controller) (config) <mgmt-server primary-server profile default-amp <------Set the server and attach the profile

2. On the Airwave  Under AMP Setup> General> Additional AMP Services, we need to make sure the "Enable AMON Data Collection:" option has a Yes radio button selected next to it.

3.  Make sure that if you have a firewall between your controllers and your Airwave Server you are allowing the PAPI protocol or UDP 8211 in both directions between them.

Once after doing the above configuration we can navigate to AP/Devices -> Controller clusters to verify the whether the information is getting updated.


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